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The “Marbella”  Started as a material study and at the same time evolved into experiential research, playing with material that produces a deceptive and unexpected experience by using materials that disguise its true character.

 Reuse Circus style
 Reuse Circus style

A series that repurposes jars as

toiletries combined with 3D prints

inspired by the world of the circus...

Polyester casting lamp
Polyester casting lamp

The lamp is hand made polyester cast.
The lamp's shape combined with

the transparency of the polyester ...

Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture

A project that tries to explore the world between material and a "non material" in a light fixture.  When the material is an aluminum tube and brass in their basic and minimal form, and the "non material" is equilibrium...

pineapple bike

This urban folding bicycle is designed

in a playful and young style. The colors

reference tropical vacation worlds...

Jewelry from packages of snacks
Jewelry from packages of snacks

Each piece is made by hand using

a technique developed by the artist

and is one of a kind. The pendants

are designed in the form of gems...


Paper folding phone packaging
Paper folding phone packaging

inspired by origami. The packaging is made of a combination

of paper and cardboard that has a clean and delicate

appearanceand serves as a decorative and reusable object...

Industrial Design School
Industrial Design School

The project is located at 17 Lilienblum Street tlv.
Building plan for a "living" library of materials,

textures, and colors that will serve as endless

inspiration and instruction for industrial design ...

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